nurses not nukes
Nurses Not Nukes

The Nuke Free Europe network is coordinating a month of action this September to highlight the presence of nuclear weapons stationed across the continent. The UK will be shining a spotlight on the nuclear chain by encouraging action at nuclear sites across the country on September 26th. This is an opportunity to highlight the government’s twisted priorities –increasing its number of nuclear warheads during a pandemic while refusing to pay nurses properly.

Take your banners, organise a die-in, arrange a visual stunt – anything to show how sites and buildings across the UK are building a new nuclear weapons system.

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Verenigd Koninkrijk


Nog steeds worden mens en planeet bedreigd door kernwapens. Ook in het Belgische Kleine Brogel liggen VS kernwapens die binnenkort vernieuwd worden. Hoog tijd om duidelijk te maken dat deze massavernietigingswapens hier (en elders) niet gewenst zijn.