Statement of the No to war – no to NATO network on NATO 2030

Protest at NATO-summit in Warsaw, 2016 (photo: LDB)


The No to war – No to NATO Network condemns the proposals for a new NATO agenda, outlined in 'NATO 2030: United for a New Era'. The report presents a dangerous expansion plan that will increase tension and the risk of war.

zaterdag 20 februari 2021 - No to War - No to NATO Network
Open letter to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

Photo: NATO


On Monday 09 November 2020, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg hosted the NATO 2030 Youth Summit, to promote its militaristic views on security. In an open letter Young people asks NATO to be disbanded and to have a discussion in stead on how to build a more sustainable, more peaceful and fairer world.

donderdag 12 november 2020
Developments in NATO and Europe on nuclear arms and beyond

Action during NATO Summit Washington (Foto: L. De Brabander)


Militarism is on the rise. NATO is increasing its military spending. The EU is developing militarist structures and funding. Treaties and agreements have not prevented planned large scale investements in new nuclear arms. The international peace movement will have to deal with these dangerous developments.

dinsdag 23 april 2019 - Ludo De Brabander
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