vr 16 apr 2021
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WEBINAR || Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and People's Campaigns

WEBINAR || Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and People's Campaigns

In Europe, there are nuclear armed states; the US nuclear weapons and missile defense system are deployed to NATO member states, confronting with Russia. Asia-Pacific is also surrounded by nuclear weapon states such as China, Russia and the US. It also has India, Pakistan and North Korea. The current geopolitical developments, including US-China hegemonistic rivalries and increasing military tension involving US allies and deadlock of denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, have further deepened the danger of Asia.

The abolition of nuclear weapons is essential for ensuring peace and security in Asia and Europe. Only their total elimination can bring security.

Inviting Ambassador Thomas Hajnoczi of Austria who played a leading role in the adoption of the TPNW in the UN negotiation conference in 2017 and is one of core members in preparing for the first meeting of state parties to the TPNW to be planned in January 2021, a webinar will be hold, in which we will learn the TPNW itself, the significance of its entry into force and discuss what campaigns/actions we should take as a next step to achieve a world without nuclear weapons and ensure peace and security in Asia and Europe. This time, we focus on campaigns in nuclear possessing countries and nuclear umbrella states.


Part I:

Lecture about TPNW  Mr. Thomas Hajnoczi, Ambassador, Austria

Part II:

Focusing on the movements of nuclear weapon states and nuclear umbrella states-Situation of these countries over the TPNW & Proposals on the next step campaigns/actions. Each speaker - 5 minutes:

  • Yayoi Tsuchida, Japan
  • Kim Jinyoung, Korea
  • Achin Vanaik, India
  • Ludo de Brabander, Belgium
  • Lisa Clark, Italy

English-Japanese simultaneous interpretation provided.

If you wish to join this webinar, please email to or so that we will send you the zoom link.



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