‘Vrede’ literally means ‘peace’ in Dutch. With a name like that you cannot be anything but a peace movement.

Under the catchphrase ‘disarm to develop’ we have been opposing the militarisation of (security)problems and the diversion of resources to war and armament since 1949. We strive for a peaceful and socially just international society based on common and human security, where all people can meet their daily needs while respecting the capacity of our planet.     

We are against any form of discrimination. Everybody -regardless of origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation and social situation- should be able to contribute to the democratic construction of a peaceful, just and sustainable society.
A thorough knowledge of world events is indispensable as a basis for healthy social action. Working towards peace therefore means informing, activating and organising with the aim of structurally changing the current balance of power.

That is our framework, because nothing is more important than peace!


The issues we work on cover a broad field of society, which is why Vrede attaches great importance to partnerships. We collaborate with other peace organisations and social movements through specific or long-term partnerships on a local, national and international level.