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360º PEACE
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Final Declaration - Madrid, June 25th 2022
In four days' time, the NATO summit will decide on a new security concept to act on a 360º radius, that is  anywhere, anytime, all around the planet.

The Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China are singled out as military adversaries and, for the first time, the Global South appears within the scopte of the Alliance's intervention capabilities, while for decades after the Cold War, NATO's strategy didn’t cover this part of the world.

The new NATO has certified that from north to south and east to west, it is prepared to intervene outside the imperative mandates of the UN Charter, as it did in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. This violation of international law, as we have also seen in Russia's invasion of Ukraine, has sped up the pace at which the world becoes insecure and militarised.

This southward focus shift will bring about an extension in the capabilities of US military bases deployed in the Mediterranean; in the case of Spain, the bases in Rota and Morón.NATO 360º becomes a threat to peace, an obstacle to progress towards shared demilitarised security. It is antagonistic to real human security that responds to the threats faced by the majority of the planet's population: hunger, disease, inequality, unemployment, lack of public services, land grabbing and wealth and climate crises.

NATO 360º advocates increasing military spending to 2% of GDP, does not renounce the use of nuclear weapons and thus encourages the proliferation of the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. It is easy to establish the connection between more weapons in the world and more wars. History teaches us that those who can impose their ideas by force will not try to do so by other means. This new expansion is a new expression of the authoritarian and colonial response to the current eco-social crisis, because wars have also led to violent
expropriation of resources. First, it was fossil fuels and now minerals for the energy transition.

Our alternative summit, the Summit for Peace, against NATO and against wars, has concluded after engaging in the different debates that are not only possible but also our obligation as members of the human species in order to build and defend peace 360º, from north to south, from east to west. This implies giving up militarism as a way of dealing with conflicts.

On the basis of Helsinki’s Final Act, the Charter of Paris and the Charter of the United Nations, we are committed to building a new security model based on demilitarized shared security in transition towards a zero armament scenario, free of weapons of mass destruction and without US bases deployed around the world. We want to build a human security that puts the effective exercise of human rights at its core.

Peace 360º becomes a must for the entire global peace movement committed to diplomatic conflict prevention, disarmament, denuclearisation, anti-war and peace. In short, the demilitarisation of societies.

From North to South, from East to West, in the face of wars, we want peace!


No to military bases!

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De NAVO vormt een voortdurende motor voor militarisering. De wereld heeft echter nood aan niet-militaire oplossingen en een versterking van competente internationale platforms voor conflictoplossing, gemeenschappelijke veiligheid en duurzame ontwikkeling.



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